Season 1 Grant Spotlight


Pioneer Grant
Card Battler

Battledome is a free-for-all card battler set in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Using Alien Worlds NFTs, Explorers can battle up to 20 players simultaneously as they compete for legendary NFT items and TLM prizes.

All Season One Grant Recipients

NFT Marketplace

Athenaic is a decentralized exchange for Alien Worlds NFTs. The exchange was developed similarly to a traditional DEX and can handle the trading of large quantities of NFTs. Currently, the platform supports trading pairs for Shovels, Drills, Rigs, Extractors, Draxos and Power Saws. The developers plan to open up the platform to other Alien Worlds trading pairs in the coming months.

Play-to-Earn, Card Game
Alien Worlds Fan Fiction

Alien Worlds inspired NFT cards have been minted in eight rarities. These Trilium spaceship cards are available for Explorers to mine on VELES 20:6 and NARON 24.9. Get your shovels ready!

Community Lore
Grey Scientist, Nordic Warrior,  Explosives Specialist, Stealth Mercenary

The goal of the project was to enrich Alien Worlds storytelling by using AW characters in 3D animations. The environments used in these shorts were acquired from the Unreal Engine Marketplace and the characters were sourced from TurboSquid. The animations were done using Rokoko MoCap suit that captured the artist’s performance as these characters in different scenarios. The raw MoCap data was then transferred to these characters in Blender, where it was cleaned up and object interactions were added. Then the animated characters were exported to Unreal Engine where they were rendered out using UE5’s cinematic tools. Finally, DaVinci Resolve was used to edit, color grade and save the short movies in mp4 format.

TLM-Backed NFTs
WAX Blockchain

To achieve its vision for asset backed NFTs, LD2 has worked extensively with its partner company NFT Backers. NFT Backers is the premier NFT 2.0 solution on WAX, bringing real-world backing and price stability to NFT collections. It is the only place you'll find fully redeemable IRL silver bullion attached to these digital assets using the time-tested LD2 Protocol ( The NFT Backers platform implements in-DApp verification for backed NFTs, complete with real-time public validation of balances and backing (, powered by the LD2 Protocol.

Network & Earn
Weekly Community Meetup

Network & Earn at the AW Fractal Community Weekly Meetup at 16:00 UTC, every Friday. A one hour meetup, where community members share what they and/or their communities have done in the last week in the AW metaverse. Members then rank the weekly contributions. If the group comes to consensus then each member is rewarded. This is an open Meetup, and members that help with the weekly consensus are rewarded, even if they have not contributed the last week.Candidates and communities can form teams. Teams include Planets (Neri, Naron, Eyeke, Veles, Kavian & Magor), and Communities. All RESPECT and rewards you receive at the weekly meetups is also allocated to the planet OR community that you are a member of.

Play-to-Earn, Card Game
Alien Worlds Fan Fiction

A soon to launch cross-chain battle deck game brought to you from the deluded minds behind the Graff Punks p2e incubator hub, Powered by Graffiti Kings! This deck driven game features a three-card clan build, each with a set of randomized abilities and skills ready to wreck shop against your rivals! Stake wages to win in battle, beef up your battle cards with enhanced game drops! Dominate your degens and flex on your foes through gamified card smashing action!!! Who will be the bulls and who will beat the bare? Only you can know by forming your clan and smashing for coin in HODL WARRIORS. Coming Q1 ‘23.

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