Battledome Tournament Rules

v2.1 - November 2022

1. What is the purpose of this document? This document (the “Tournament Rules”) sets out the rules, as amended and governs the process for the Alien WorldsTM Battledome Tournament online multiplayer gaming event (the “Tournament”) slated to take place on the dates specified below. It applies to all players who participate and/or seek to participate in the Tournament (“Players”).

These amended Tournament Rules (v2) replace the original version of this document, with effect as of November 28th, 2022. Any engagement in the Tournament after such date will be deemed to be made on the basis of these amended Tournament Rules (v2).

2. When does the Tournament take place, and who organizes it?

2.1. Signup and Registration Window: The window for signup and Tournament registration opens on November 24th, 2022, 14:00 CET and closes on November 29th, 2022, 14:00 CET. After the end of this window, it will no longer be possible to register for the Tournament. Players who miss the window for registration cannot participate in the Tournament.

2.2. Tournament Dates: The Tournament will begin on December 1st, 2022 14:00 CET and end on December 15th, 2022 14:00 CET.

2.3. Organization and Adjudication: The Tournament is organized by Restack LLC, Lviv Ukraine (the “Organizer”) in cooperation with Dacoco GmbH, in Zug (“Dacoco”). The Organizer is generally responsible for the Tournament and the enforcement of these Tournament Rules. Dacoco will provide the Prizes to the Winning Players (both as defined herein).

3. Who can join and what do you have to do to participate?

3.1. Eligibility: To participate, Players have possession and control over a Wax Cloud Wallet they can use for the purposes of the Tournament, as well as within this wallet, at least one Alien WorldsTM NFT in each of the following categories: one Avatar NFT, one Minion NFT and one Weapon NFT (i.e. a total at least of three Alien WorldsTM NFTs, such NFTs the “Player NFTs”).

3.2. Sign up and Registration: To participate, Players register under and, upon registration, provide their username and wallet address. Players must then sign up by connecting their Wax Cloud Wallet. The Organizer will verify information provided upon registration as they deem necessary within their discretion for the purposes of preventing bots and other kinds misuse. As a result of such process, the Organizer may elect, within their reasonable discretion, not to admit a Player for participation in the Tournament.

3.3. Compliance with Tournament Rules: Upon registration and throughout their participation in the Tournament, Players undertake to fully comply with the Tournament Rules. Players who breach the Tournament Rules will lose any right to participate in the Tournament and/or to receive any Prize therein. The Organizer may ban such Players even without notice. The Organizer has discretion in its enforcement of the Tournament Rules. Its decisions are final.

4. How does the game work?

4.1. General Mode of Tournament: The Tournament is divided into various phases of 60 minutes each. The phases are aligned with the Element Types and their rotation order is: AIR > FIRE > GEM > METAL > NATURE (each a “Tournament Phase”). In each phase, Players can engage a selection of Player NFTs consisting of one Avatar NFT, one Minion NFT and one Weapon NFT (the “Engaged NFT’s”), along with one Order (as defined below) and one Planet Alignment (as defined below) into a “Battle”. Each such selection must be confirmed by signing the relevant transaction through the connected Wax Cloud Wallet of the relevant Player.

4.2. NFT Selection: For each Battle they engage into, a Player is required to select three Engaged NFTs. Such NFTs have various attributes, to following of which are relevant for the Tournament:

4.2.1. Avatar NFTs: Avatars are NFTs which do not confer powers within the game and are purely a collectible for aesthetic value;

4.2.2. Minion NFTs:Minions have an “Attack Rating” and a “Defense Rating” - the former gives them the ability to deplete another Minion’s Health Rating (as defined below), the latter is relevant for their own Health Rating;

4.2.3. Weapon NFTs: Weapons have an Attack Rating and a Defense Rating (each of which combines with the relevant rating of the underlying Minion), as well as an “Element Type”;

4.3. Order Selection: Upon dispatching Engaged NFTs into a Battle, each Player is required to select one “Order” for their Engaged NFTs among the following four possibilities:

4.3.1. Evade: affords a Player’s Engaged NFTs a 20% chance to evade attack entirely;

4.3.2. Defense: reduces damage to a Player’s Engaged NFTs by 10%;

4.3.3. Attack Strongest: causes a Player’s Engaged NFTs to target the highest health opponent, subject to Planetary Alignment;

4.3.4. Attack Weakest: causes a Player’s Engaged NFTs to target the lowest health opponent, subject to Planetary Alignment.

4.4. Planet Allegiance: For each Battle, each Player is required to select one “Planetary Alignment” for their Engaged NFTs, which will cause their Engaged NFTs not to attack the Engaged NFTs of other Players who selected the same Planetary Alignment, until all Players having selected a different Planetary Alignment have been defeated. In every round of a Battle, if more than 50% of all Players still engaged in the Battle have selected the same Planetary Alignment (a “Strong Faction”) relative to their opponents with different Planetary Alignments (“Small Factions”), the message “planet has dominance this round” will be shown. Members of Small Factions will then be matched only against the members of the Strong Faction and receive first priority of attack order in the round. This process is repeated at the start of every round. If, at the start of a Battle, no more than two Players have selected a particular Planetary Alignment, such Players receive a “Stealth bonus”, lasting for the entire duration of the Battle. If two Players share a Planetary Alignment, the “Stealth bonus” amounts to +5/+5 and is displayed as “Stealth bonus”. If only one Player in the Battle has selected the relevant Planetary Alignment, the “Stealth bonus” amounts to +10/+10, and is displayed as “Stealth bonus x2”.

4.5. Battles: In each Battle, a Player’s Engaged NFTs, Order selection and Planet Alignment are pitted against those of the remaining Players participating in the same Battle. The Engaged NFTs subsequently engage in bilateral matches with other Players who remain in the Battle until their Health Rating (as defined below) is depleted. The Players are matched against each other in line with the Orders and in such way that no two Players with the same Planet Alignment attack each other before all Players with a different Planet Alignment are vanquished. Depending on the Tournament Phase, Engaged NFT's with a matching Element Type matching the battle phase benefit from a bonus of +5 Attack Rating /+5 Defense Rating for the duration of the relevant phase. Players can acquire such bonuses both for Minions and Weapons, thereby increasing the aggregate bonus to +10/+10, provided that each Engaged NFT matches the relevant phase.

4.6. Health Rating and Recovery: Each set of Engaged NFTs has a “Health Rating” composed of the combined Defense Ratings of the engaged Minion and the engaged Weapon NFT. The Health Rating diminishes under the attacks of opponents in Battle. Once such Health Rating is fully depleted, the relevant Engaged NFTs are removed from the Battle. The Health Rating of the Engaged NFTs in question subsequently recovers over time. A full recovery requires a period of 24 hours. Such period can be foregone by repairing the relevant NFTs with Trilium (which will cause the relevant quantity of Trilium to be expended). The necessary quantity of Trilium depends on the rarity of the underlying NFT: Common – 1 TLM; Rare – 2 TLM; Epic – 3 TLM; Legendary 5 TLM; Mythical - 10 TLM.

4.7. Winning a Battle: Battles are fought on a last man standing basis, only one Player and their Engaged NFTs can “survive” a Battle with a remaining Health Rating that is not fully depleted. Such remaining Player is credited with a win and the number of Players they eliminated in that Battle (“Kills”) as well as the remaining Health Rating of their Engaged NFTs is taken into account for the purposes of the Ranking.

5. What can you win and how?

5.1. Prizes; At the end of the Tournament, after the Ranking has been published by the Organizer, Dacoco will award the following prizes (each a “Prize”) to the first 10 positions under the Ranking: 90% of each Prize will be remitted onto the wallet address submitted upon the relevant Player’s registration. The remaining 10% of each Prize will be transferred to the treasury of the Syndicate of the relevant Player (as indicated by such Player in their Planetary Alignment).

5.2. Ranking: The “Ranking” will be compiled within 30 days after the end of the Tournament by the Organizer, on the basis of A. a Player’s number of wins, in first priority, B. a Player’s number of Kills in winning games, if scores under A are equal and C. the remaining “health” of a Player’s NFTs in winning games, if scores under B remain equal. No two Players can hold the same rank in the Ranking. As a tiebreaker, in the very unlikely event in which scores remain equal even taking account the metric under C, the Relevant Scores for the tied Players will be adjudicated in alphabetical, resp. numerical order, according to the first letters and numbers of the applicable wallet address, where “a” beats “b”, which beats “c” etc. and “0” beats “1”, which beats “2”, etc.

5.3. Publication of the Ranking: The Organizer will publish the Ranking on as soon as it has completed its compilation as well as any verifications it may deem necessary within its sole discretion.

6. What is prohibited and what will get you banned?

6.1. Fairness: Each Player must refrain from any action and/or other practice that is intended to cause and/or effectively causes either an unfair advantage to such Player and/or a related Player, or an unfair disadvantage to any other Player. An effect within the Tournament will be deemed unfair, in particular, but not limited to, if it is caused by means other than the official functions of the game, used as designed and in line with the applicable terms and conditions.

6.2. Specific Prohibited Actions and Practices: Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, each Player must, in particular comply, and cause any related party to comply as well, with the following restrictions:

6.2.1. Don’t use bots and/or multiple accounts: Players may not use any automated software or “bots” in relation to their access to or participation in the Tournamentand/or other interactions with Alien WorldsTM. Players may not use multiple accounts per blockchain to participate in the Tournament and/or otherwise interact with Alien WorldsTM.

6.2.2. No server overload: Players may not knowingly perform any actions that may cause the computers used to support the Tournament to become overloaded or crash.

6.2.3. No hacking and/or exploits: Players may neither modify, decompile, disassemble nor otherwise tamper with or circumvent all or any portion of the software and web technology used to power enable and/or administer the Tournament, in particular, but not limited to, the underlying rules and mechanics of the game and/or the code of Alien WorldsTM, the user interfaces used for the purposes of the Tournament and/or its operating principles, nor may Players intentionally use any bug in thegame to seek an advantage.

6.2.4. Don’t collude: Except as required to define a common strategy among Players of the same Planet Alignment, no Player may enter or otherwise engage into any agreement or arrangement between two or more Players to disadvantage opposing players such as, e.g.: soft play (which is defined as any agreement between two or more Players not to harm certain Players or otherwise play to a reasonablestandard of competition in a game); agreements to split a Prize; and/or deliberately forfeiting a game for compensation, or for any other reason.

6.2.5. No abusive behavior: Players may not use obscene, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, or offensive language, images and/or materials;nor may they promote or incite hateful and/or discriminatory conduct at any time in connection with the Tournament. In particular, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any form of harassment or abuse of other Players and/or members of the Organizer or other related parties on the basis of traits and characteristics to which they have a right by virtue of their personality is prohibited.

6.2.6. No betting: No Player may participate, either directly or indirectly, in betting or games of chance with respect to the Tournament and/or any games therein.

6.3. Sanctions: The Organizer has the right, but not the obligation, within their reasonable discretion, to ban Players from the Tournament and thus permanently exclude them from any participation therein and void any perspective of such Player to receive a Prize, if it determines, within its reasonable discretion, that there are sufficient grounds to suspect a breach of the Tournament Rules by such Player and such breach cannot be remedied in all material respects upon a one time warning or if no such remedy is effected by a Player immediately upon dispatch of such warning. For the avoidance of doubt, any unfair advantage and/or disadvantage shall be deemed not to be accessible to remediation for the purposes of the foregoing. Warnings published on shall be deemed to have been duly notified for the purposes of these Tournament Rules.

7. What data do you have to provide, and how is it collected, processed and stored?

7.1. Relevant Information: When a Player registers for the Tournament, they may be asked for their WAX account, their name, address, contact telephone number and email address. If they are entering on behalf of an entity, in accordance with the Tournament Rules, a Player may be asked for the relevant company name, their job title, your work email and additional information about the relevant company (“Relevant Information”).

7.2. Relevant Purposes: The Organizer and/or, as the case may be, Dacoco, collect, process and/or store the Relevant Information for the purposes of carrying out the Tournament, to verify eligibility and for the fulfillment, delivery and arrangement of the Prizes and/or to enforce the Tournament Rules (the “Relevant Purposes”). In carrying out the Tournament, the Organizer, Dacoco and/or other Players or third partiesmay broadcast or otherwise disseminate and/or publish all or certain portions of the gameplay or game standings and results, or accounts thereof (any such activities “Broadcasting”). For the avoidance of doubt, Broadcasting, whether by the Organizer, Dacoco or any third parties shall also constitute a Relevant Purpose. For the purposes of administering the Tournament, the collection, use and processing of personal data may be completed through other third parties.

7.3. Acknowledgement of Legitimate Interest and Consent: In participating in the Tournament and, in particular, in providing the Relevant Information listed above, each Player acknowledges and agrees that: * the collection, processing and storage of the Relevant Information, in connection with the Relevant Purposes, are of a clear benefit to such Player and/or others who participate in the Tournament; have a limited privacy impact on the individual; and are in line with what the Player reasonably expects with regard to what data of theirs is collected, processed and/or stored and how; * that each of the Organizer, Dacoco and any third party reasonably nominated by the foregoing to collect, process and/or store data in connection with the Relevant Purposes thus have a sufficient and legitimate interest in collecting, processing and/or storing the Relevant Information; and * that this interest constitutes a valid legal basis for the Relevant Information to be collected, processed and stored.

Do other terms apply?

8.1. No representations and warranties: NEITHER DACOCO, NOR THE ORGANIZER MAKES OR GIVES, AND UPON PARTICIPATING IN THE TOURNAMENT, NO PLAYER HAS RELIED ON, ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN RESPECT OF THE TOURNAMENT AND/OR ALIEN WORLDSTM, ANY OF THEIR FUNCTIONS, CHARACTERISTICS OR FEATURES, THEIR COMPLIANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAW, OTHER PLAYERS OR USERS OR OTHERWISE. All warranties are expressly excluded to the maximal extent permitted under applicable law. Players engage in the Tournament and use Alien WorldsTM at their sole risk. Each of the Tournament and Alien WorldsTM are provided to Players on an “as is”-basis, with all faults they may contain. Without limitation to the generality of the foregoing, while the Organizer and Dacoco have endeavored to take all reasonable measures and apply appropriate care in the preparation of the contents of the Tournament and Alien WorldsTM, as well as any associated materials and services, NEITHER DACOCO NOR THE ORGANIZER REPRESENT OR WARRANT THAT:

● the Tournament, Alien WorldsTM and/or any associated materials and/or services run uninterrupted and error-free;

● an engagement in the Tournament and/or the use of Alien WorldsTM is fit for any particular purpose and that such engagement or use would not infringe upon any third party’s intellectual property rights;

● any information contained in the materials and services associated with the Tournament and/or Alien WorldsTM are accurate, adequate, complete or error free.

Further, without limitation to the foregoing, NEITHER DACOCO NOR THE ORGANIZER MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS WHATSOEVER IN RESPECT OF THE ACTIONS AND/OR BEHAVIOR OF THIRD PARTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, OTHER PLAYERS. When engaging in the Tournament, a Player acknowledges and agrees that neither Dacoco, nor the Organizer, nor any related party, shall have any obligation, whether express, implied or otherwise, to monitor the activities of and/or to enforce these Tournament Rules against any other Player, regardless of how a failure to do so may affect them.


8.3. General terms and conditions: This document applies in addition to, but does neither replace nor limit the scope of the general terms and conditions of Dacoco and/or the Organizer with regard to the products and services needed to participate in the Tournament.