• Up to 100k TLM in Funding Per Project

  • Community-led

Why Join Us?

  • 1. Funding in our native TLM token

    2. Marketing & promotional support 

    3. Expose your users to the world's largest metaverse by monthly active users

    4. Potential for user acquisition
    5. Share your launch and growth journey with other community members
    6. Develop NFT-driven participation and engagement 

    7. Recognition as a grant recipient 

Grant Categories

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Technical Infrastructure

Build applications, add-ons, utilities, monitoring and tooling that interact with Alien Worlds gaming ecosystem.

eSports & Gaming

Create bridges to blockchain games and gaming ecosystems.

Art & Collectibles

Digital art, collectibles, limited edition digital goods.


News, media, video, streaming, community engagement.

Real-world applications/solutions

Bridging the gap between physical and virtual experiences. 

Application Periods

  • Accelerated Grants

    ≤ 5,000 TLM

    For community contributions such as tutorials, translations, and marketing initiatives. The one-time payout is processed upon completion and successful review of the work provided.

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  • Development Grants

    ≤ 100,000 TLM

    For more advanced marketing initiatives and software development. A gHubs Evaluation Committee will shortlist up to 5 candidates per category following the application deadline on 20th of June.

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  • Pioneer Grants

    > 100,000 TLM

    For complex solutions and applications requiring a high level of expertise and resource allocation. These initiatives are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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Other Programs

  • Awards

    Awards celebrate the spirit of Alien Worlds communities and the individuals that have made measurable social contributions online.


Application Process

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Step 5
Step 6
Register and fill out the application
To participate in the grant program, fill out an application form. Provide contact information, experience and portfolio of all team members who would be involved in working on the task.
We expect to receive many applications and will work as quickly as possible to process them. Ideally, the initial review will be processed within two weeks of submission.
If a proposal is successful, our team will contact you via email. We may at that point review funding and timelines prior to the commencement of the task.
If a proposal is successful, our team will contact you via email. We may at that point review funding and timelines prior to the commencement of the task.
A program administrator will score the work provided against the application’s goals using the Evaluation Criteria.
An email of the evaluation’s outcome will determine whether or not the applicant is granted.

Development and Pioneer Grants

Applications have ended for Season 1. If chosen, candidates are will be notified via email on 21st of July of their acceptance into the next stage. Candidates will be given six weeks of project development time. The delivery deadline is 31st of August, 2022.