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  • TLM fund

  • Community-led

Why Join Us?

    • Funding in our native TLM token
    • Connect to a thriving community
    • Marketing & promotional support 
    • User acquisition
    • Develop NFT-driven participation and engagement 
    • Recognition and visibility
    • Access to the largest social metaverse

Grant Categories

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Technical Infrastructure

Build user-interfaces, add-ons, monitoring and tooling that interact with the Syndicates (Planetary DAOs.) Extend the Alien Worlds ecosystem smart contract tokens and/or NFTs.


Develop entertaining games and build-out competition based activities that interface with Alien Worlds NFTs and tokens.

Content Creation

*Development tier only

Develop entertaining games and build-out competition based activities that interface with Alien Worlds NFTs and tokens.


*Development tier only

eg. Art & Collectibles, Storytelling.

Application Periods

Grant Tiers

  • Development

    ≤ 500,000 TLM ❘ up to 2 months ❘ Rolling admissions  ❘ Apply anytime

    For rapidly deployed contributions. The one-time payout is processed upon completion and successful review of the work provided.

  • Pioneer

    > 500,000 TLM ❘ up to 6 months ❘ Apply until 31st of March, 2023

    For complex solutions and applications requiring a high level of expertise and resource allocation. These initiatives are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. gHubs Evaluation Committee will shortlist candidates following the application deadline on 31st of March, 2023.

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    • Significant grants available

    • Guidance from Alien Worlds technical and Product teams

    • Access to technical and API documentation

    • Extensive marketing support 

What Galactic Hubs is looking for

  • We are interested in supporting projects that fulfill the following criteria:

    • Potential to make a meaningful impact on behalf of the community

    • The project is feasible and the capabilities of the team are demonstrated

    • Clear and measurable objectives have been provided

    • The proposed scope and deliverables are aligned with the application for grant funding

    • The project is compelling and sustainable beyond the grant period

Decentralization is a crucial aspect of blockchain technology and building an open metaverse. Therefore applicants should also provide clear steps on how decentralization will be implemented as part of their project roadmap—e.g. game - open-source code. 

Application Process (Development Tier)

If successfully evaluated, Grant payments will be executed at the end of each quarter.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Register and fill out the application
To participate in the grant program, fill out an application form. Provide contact information, experience and portfolio of all team members who would be involved in working on the task.
We expect to receive many applications and will work as quickly as possible to process them. Ideally, the initial review will be processed within two weeks of submission.
If a proposal is successful, our team will contact you via email. We may at that point review funding and timelines prior to the commencement of the task.
Links to your work must be provided in the form of hyperlinks, and placed inside of the Task Delivery form found inside the Galactic Hubs user account.
A program administrator will score the work provided against the application’s goals using the Evaluation Criteria.
An email of the evaluation’s outcome will determine whether or not the applicant is granted.

Pioneer Tier: Applications remain open until 31st of March, 2023. If chosen, candidates are to be notified via email. Candidates will be given up to 6 months of project development time. More information about the Pioneer cycle will be released soon.